Ohio based Temple 8 feat. the multi instrumentalist Kurt Tischer and drummer David Clark must be huge fans of Rush and Dream Theater because "Enter the temple" sounds a lot like Dream Theater's first album "When dream and day unite" mixed with the early era of Rush.
The musicianship is amazing and it's a pleasure to hear those Rush-like harmonies and song structures but the production is too sharp and the garage sounding snaredrum just gets annoying after a while, the normal vocals from Tischer is also a bit low in the mix.
The dark narrator voice messes up the good music of "Confessions of an old soul" and who wants to hear a phone voice throughout the whole song like in "Turn left"?!
I like "Ideas of the mind" where Tischer actually sounds like Neil Tennant of Pet Shop Boys and the Pink Floyd-esque track "Hope" is another nice thing along with the instrumental title track that opens the album.
Go for Dave Gastambide's "Immovable mover" instead if you want a great Rush sounding progrock album, this one's only ok.